Bol’shoye Dramaticheskoye Shou

By Robert Ecksel on September 6, 2018
Bol’shoye Dramaticheskoye Shou
“I want to have a fight and punish him for the bad things that he and his team have done.”

In a matter of days they’ll let their fists do the talking and the thud of gloves hitting flesh will be music to many ears…

On Saturday, September 15, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in a fight televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View, Gennady Golovkin (38-0-1, 34 KOs), the KO King from Karaganda, Kazakhstan, will defend his WBC/WBA/IBO middleweight titles a second time against former lineal middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (45-1, 28 KOs), the hard-hitting redhead from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

In anticipation of the big drama show, Triple G met with the press via teleconference call this week with the assistance of a Russian translator.

Golovkin’s displeasure with Canelo shows no sign of slowing down and was the primary focus of the call.

“I didn’t really say anything bad,” said Triple G who has been badmouthing Canelo something awful. “I really said only one phrase and one sentence about that, and I never said anything personal, never offended him personally, and I don’t think that my fans will turn away from me because of what I said.”

Golovkin’s statement isn’t supported by the facts. But since facts are stupid things, in addition to not saying anything bad or personal about Canelo, he also never complained about Canelo’s running.

“It was his fighting style earlier, not just in the September fight. Well, he was always—you know, he always has a way of running on the ring, but it was his style.

“However, what happened on our last fight, he was really avoiding fighting close to me. I think that’s exactly what happened, but what he’s trying to say right now, it just proves that he’s not keeping his word. He’s trying to deceive people again, and being dishonest. But it doesn’t matter what he said. Let him say whatever he wants.”

If Golovkin defeats Canelo next week, he will surpass Bernard Hopkins’ record of 20 middleweight defenses.

“It’s very important for me to beat this record. Basically, it’s like two types of victory to beat Canelo and to beat the record. For me, it’s the most important goal at this point.”

Unlike Golovkin, Canelo isn’t a natural middleweight, even though he was a titleholder at 160. Also unlike Golovkin, Canelo is the A-side of the promotion, in part because he hails from boxing-mad Mexico.

“Not even five years ago, even two years ago, we couldn’t get them to fight us,” said Golovkin. “They were avoiding the fight every way possible. If you remember, they even gave up one of the belts, the WBC belt, they gave it up, to avoid us.”

That’s old news, but forgiving and forgetting isn’t part of the script.

“What I’ve always really wanted to do, I want to punish him,” said Triple G. “I want to have a fight and punish him for all the bad things that he and his team have done, so basically to put them—to size him down and to put him and his team in their place.

“We are on the right side. We are not dirty and we will defend our honor and defend our title.”

In a matter of days they’ll let their fists do the talking and the thud of gloves hitting flesh will be music to many ears.

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  1. Casanovita de Ahome 01:47pm, 09/07/2018

    @Kid Blast-You can get 18 to 1 for a Draw at William Hill….go for it! Or plus 850 for Povetkin to upset!

  2. Kid Blast 12:36pm, 09/07/2018

    I will out bold you all and predict another draw

  3. thrashem 04:39am, 09/07/2018

    Hopefully there are different judges this time.
    I didn’t see GGG get hurt the 1st fight. Canelo kept him off balance by his speed of countering. GGG was a bit flat coming into that fight due to prizefighting, closed circuit TV and not having good opposition. He is now in his best form.
    Canelo will have his hands full pissing off the Russian!
    GGG by KO!

  4. Pete The Sneak 04:09am, 09/07/2018

    Koolz, deep breath’s my brother. Breathe slowly…That’s it….lol…So you’re saying that Canelo not being on his drug fighting GGG this time may be akin to Antonio Margarito with out the plaster of Paris wraps? Hmm, interesting thought indeed…Peace.

  5. Koolz 05:35pm, 09/06/2018

    Once upon a time there was a guy named Martinez who decided he wouldn’t fight GGG.  He actually lost to Murray in Argentina but they gave him the fight.
    Martinez with his mechanical knees fights Cotto a guy who isn’t even a middle weight.  Cotto wins he gets the Belt and he fights Canelo a guy who isn’t even a Middle weight(I mean he blows to super middle weight even fighting at 155!)but not a middle weight.
    Canelo get’s the belt.  Remember GGG?  Finally he is going to fight Canelo.  No he is not, instead Canelo is going to give him the belt he won from Cotto.
    Still with me on this?
    GGG ends up fighting a guy named Jacobs that skips the second day way in so he can come in as cruiser weight to survive 12 rounds.
    GGG finally get’s his fight with Canelo and the score cards are not of this planet.
    GGG and Canelo finally have a rematch for May.  No they don’t turns out Canelo has been on drugs that enhance him and he most likely was on them for that first fight. 
    Canelo is busted twice for this drug and suspended for six months.
    Alright the rematch is on!  GGG is looking Strong.
    Canelo is looking slim and Fast.
    But seriously is he going to Last?  Even to the last round.
    GGG hasn’t changed he is not getting older he is not slower.
    The guy knocked out Vanes in two rounds. 
    If we go over the whole scenario involving GGG and this belt it’s amazing GGG’s patients in all this.  Other Boxers would be going nutz!  Can you imagine how Wilder would act if any of this happened to him.  Say Canelo is Fury.  WHAHAA the Zionist Marxist Media wouldn’t even be able to handle it they would pass out!  Lose their minds over Fury Wilder and Fury busted twice and Fury ducking Wilder and….yea !!!!

  6. Koolz 05:20pm, 09/06/2018

    Somebody pointed something out to me that I never thought of.

    Is this Canelo’s first time not being on the drug he go busted for? 
    He was obviously on something during that first fight with Golovkin.  If you look at his picture of him chopping wood he looks juiced up. 

    Does Canelo have the punch resistance to with stand GGG’s jabs and can even Last to the later rounds not being on drugs?

    He failed two drug tests and was suspended for six months.

    I never thought of this.  It makes me think Golovkin will simply destroy him by the sixth round.

  7. Koolz 11:22am, 09/06/2018

    Canelo will fight up close for two rounds after that he will get hit flush and will run.  Repeat of last fight.  End rounds Canelo’s team will yell at him to take care of GGG, last three rounds will be close.

    Score Cards GGG wins by two rounds.

    I look forward to GGG slipping in this uppercut.  I was watching his open work out and he was showing the uppercut on the pads.

    But it’s going to be the one that Took care of Vanes that Canelo get’s hit by.

    What’s stacked against Canelo?

    let’s see shall we…
    Canelo hasn’t fought in the ring in a year.
    He was busted for banned substance.
    He has emotional issues over said banned.
    Canelo has let GGG’s Team get under his skin.
    Canelo has something he needs to prove.

    Not going to be able to do it there no way GGG will
    let this pass by.

    Both these fighters can hurt each other they not going to go Hagler Hearns here.  Both of them are intelligent boxers.

  8. Your Name 08:58am, 09/06/2018

    Addy Byrd’s just divorced her husband and is engaged to Jose Feliciano

  9. Casanovita de Ahome 07:24am, 09/06/2018

    Memo to GGG: Just do it!  Don’t take turns! When he comes forward and he will this time because he has to…. don’t go defensive….be ready and punch Goddammit punch with him! Go to the body…if he counters then you counter him back….you say he can’t hurt you…. then prove it….trade dammit trade! He’s gonna take chances this time guess what….you have to take chances too! It’s not up to him….it’s up to you….if he fights even a little more than he did last time your goose is cooked….all three cards will look like Addy Byrd’s card this time!