Come on…Pacquiao Ain’t Fighting Spence

By Paul Magno on March 19, 2019
Come on…Pacquiao Ain’t Fighting Spence
Manny was probably in Texas last Saturday to stake his claim to a victorious Mikey Garcia.

When going through the risk vs. reward checklist, a Spence matchup comes up as just slightly more favorable than a meet-up with a threshing machine…

After Errol Spence Jr. ruined Mikey Garcia’s plans to become a five-division world champ with a cool, masterful performance, there was a bit of fire to conclude the PPV telecast.

Multi-division world champ and current WBA welterweight titlist Manny Pacquiao, who was in attendance at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, was brought into the ring for a manufactured “showdown” moment—and Spence smartly seized the opportunity.

“He’s been here before, he’s broke records before, he’s a legend of the sport and it would be my honor to fight him next,” Spence told the world with the Filipino icon just feet away.

“Yeah, why not? We’ll give the fans a good fight,” Pacquiao answered.

And, with that, fans went wild, the media wet themselves, and Team Spence started pricing new cars.

But then, to the ringside interviewer’s “would you like to fight Spence right here in AT&T Stadium” question, Pacquiao went full-on noncommittal.

“I’m, um so happy to be here in, uh, uh, Dallas and, uh, I’m hoping that I will be back here soon,” Pacquiao womp-womped.

A day or two later, though, Pacquiao reinforced those happy Pac-Errol thoughts.

“He doesn’t really hit that hard,” Pacquiao told Filipino journalist Nick Giongco, in reference to Spence, who he compared to 2001 TKO victim, super bantamweight Lehlo Ledwaba.

But to save you the time and energy you’ll be wasting on non-stop back-and-forth “will they or won’t they fight” drama in the coming weeks, months, and maybe years, I’ll just be the bearer of bad news and the crusher of dreams right now—Manny Pacquiao isn’t going to fight Errol Spence Jr., ever.

As I wrote elsewhere:

“The only way you’re going to get Pacquiao in the ring with Spence after this recent performance is with tranquilizer darts and an oversized butterfly net.”

No, Pacquiao ain’t “yellow,” but he ain’t dumb, either.

The 40-year-old first ballot Hall of Famer is at the stage of his career where opponent selection is especially important and, at the risk of dashing another illusion, it was always a key component to his success as a fighter (as it is with almost every other top fighter as well). When going through the risk vs. reward checklist, a Spence matchup for Manny comes up as just slightly more favorable than a meet-up with a threshing machine.

Unless Spence can somehow bring Mayweather money to the table (or something significantly greater than current Spence money), Pacquiao and the remnants of Team Pacquiao will wisely pass on this headache.

Pacquiao was probably in Arlington last Saturday to stake his claim to a victorious Mikey Garcia—a fighter who, because of his small size and more modest athleticism, would fit the bill of the “right” present tense Pacquiao opponent.

If new adviser Al Haymon can talk Pacquiao into a Spence bout, then he truly is the Svengali people claim him to be. But, barring mind control hypnotism, it’s just not going to happen. Pacquiao didn’t come to Premier Boxing Champions to take fire from Errol Spence. He’s there for the Adrien Broners of the PBC and maybe an Omar Figueroa or two before grasping at a big-money Floyd Mayweather rematch. If a Mayweather 2 doesn’t materialize, then maybe, maybe, he opts for a less dangerous Keith Thurman, whose recent preference for a more movement-based boxing style affords some plausible “he ran from me all night” deniability in case of a loss.

But, again, Pacquiao ain’t fighting Spence. Nope.

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  1. Koolz 12:49am, 03/25/2019

    Peterson vs Lipinets
    Oh Man!

  2. Koolz 02:53pm, 03/24/2019

    Chudinov vs Nuerlang

    This music made me laugh, and I thought music in America as Pop was bad!

  3. Koolz 02:34pm, 03/24/2019

    Selby vs Aguilar
    remember it’s Tanaka that is No 1 in this division.

  4. Koolz 12:44pm, 03/24/2019

    Pulrv vs Dinu

  5. Koolz 02:51pm, 03/23/2019

    Rakhimov vs Maemu
    I was wonder can these guys hang with Berchelt.

  6. Koolz 01:56pm, 03/23/2019

    Aguja vs Moloney.
    I am pretty sure it’s Moloney that is the rd in that division.

  7. Koolz 02:02pm, 03/22/2019

    I need more Chocolate!
    I need to thank the Universe for letting me have real chocolate.
    Then I need to thank the Universe for manifesting with in me the sensations of body and mind experiences from the Amazing Chocolate!
    Spence vs Garcia
    if you wanted a recap of someone going up two weight classes never being injured but never really trying against someone that freaks out every time the said lower weight class is throwing hooks.

  8. Pete The Sneak 04:26am, 03/22/2019

    “Khan and Crawford might be more of a fight then people think. ‘... huh?? Koolz, I love you brother. You are the main man here at for anything Boxing related and you always come through…But you gotta stop eating so much chocolate my friend, as it’s affecting your usual well thought out boxing acumen…..No more Cocoa for you!…Peace.

  9. Koolz 01:29pm, 03/21/2019

    Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers
    Eating Chocolate Cake right now.  Chocolate one of the Highest Vibration Foods. 

    Loma and Pac sounds like quite high weight for Loma.

    He looks small against the fighters he is fighting now.  Pretty sure everyone in his weight class right now is bigger than him.  He is willing to drop and fight Mayweather’s little monster child, Tank.

    Crawford and Spence should be the next fight after Khan. 

    Khan and Crawford might be more of a fight then people think. 

    Before Khan made a mistake and Canelo KO’d him for it he was winning that fight.

  10. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 08:13am, 03/21/2019

    Koolz, you gotz to quit eatin’ like that, breh, or you will eat yourself to an early grave. hehe. I just finished a plate of spags, ( had to use Prego sauce though) and some garlic toast topped off with a huge slab of key lime pie. How about Loma vs. Pac at 140 and Crawford vs Spence in a doubleheader?

  11. LUCITO 11:59pm, 03/20/2019

    For a guaranteed price of 40 million dollars and 70% of the total revenue, pacman will surely fight.

  12. Koolz 02:47pm, 03/20/2019

    finished eating Salmon, Kale, garnished with Lemons.

    Spence is Doomed!
    He should fight Crawford but he can’t beat Crawford he won’t have an answer for anything Crawford does he won’t find that etc gear Crawford can tap into.
    South Paw, Orthodox Crawford will be to much in a good fight.

    Spence fight The Pacman?  Pacman is a legend and I don’t even see any of these other fighters being able to handle him.  Even Crawford could lose.
    Pacman part of another generation of boxers that these guys aren’t at.

    Spence the Truth the new boxer they want to be the New Mayweather?  No he is going to get a reality check.  Spence’s best Win was Brook.

  13. thrashem 02:09pm, 03/20/2019

    When Pacman got into the ring, he said they should fight and they agreed. They will fight. Pacman is a man of his word, not Haymon and he speaks for himself, not Haymon.
    I agree with Tapia on the possible outcome.
    It will be great to see the depts that Manny will push Spence. Don’t believe Spence has ever met another lefty like this. It will be better than watching another chicken-shit Mayweather event!

  14. Koolz 12:11pm, 03/20/2019

    drinks some coconut pineapple water.

  15. jonleo Ignacio 12:09pm, 03/20/2019

    pac win, UD HE Will cary his experience, he’s been with cotto before that is more powerful with spence, so pac win easy

  16. Ana Uy 12:03pm, 03/20/2019

    Spence is relatively slow and not as well rounded like the Pacman. He is also not that big a puncher. The thing going for Spence is size and age. So, until they meet, nobody can be sure of the outcome. If Pacman can neutralize Errol’s punches with his speed, Errol can have some real problems.
    To picture Pacman as an old and washed up and (did you say “sweaty fat Elvis”? in your old column) is completely biased.


  17. Sim 08:35am, 03/20/2019

    errol unable to knock down mikey, pacman is quick and hard hitter than mikey plus stamina of pacman is unbelievable, so good fight, pacman by UD

  18. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:44am, 03/20/2019

    Spence is quite slow in comparison to even a 40 year old version of Manny. Still, despite looking great in his last fight, I wouldn’t like to see Manny take this fight. Spence is just too big for Manny at this stage of his career and maybe even when Manny was in his prime. Manny is on another level when it comes to talent, but Spence just has too many physical advantages as well as age working for him. However, I have learned to never play Manny cheap regardless of his age, the guy is an all time great and he seems to be as fit as a 40-something is capable of being. He certainly is more dangerous than Garcia. IF this fight were to happen, Spence better not think it is going to be a walk in the park like with Garcia though.

  19. Mau-Mauing The Flak Catchers 07:03am, 03/20/2019

    Magno, trolling AGAIN.

  20. tapia 06:31am, 03/20/2019

    spence is very smart, talented you name it, but as they say style makes fight and i think spence fit very well on pacmans style. i see spence winning by lucky punch like marquez (unlikely) or home town decision (like in australia) otherwise if he in his top condition (which he always is) the seasoned, spring loaded (to quickly close the gap) pacman by decision if lucky enough by stoppage.

  21. Edgardo de Leon 05:20am, 03/20/2019

    Mr. Paul Magno, put your mouth where your mouth is. Pacquiao never ducks anyone, only your idol Mayweather is the one doing it. Will you disappear yourself into oblivion if that fight happens. And Will you accept my bet of 10,000 US dollars for a Pacquiao win vs Spence. Please reply asap.

  22. Arnulfo Cruz 04:15am, 03/20/2019

    Manny is on his way out of boxing and I think fighting Spence is something he has to weigh in thoroughly and it just make sense to weigh in the risks and rewards of fighting Spence.  If he fight Spence, that should be his last fight, in my opinion.  Whether he can beat Spence or not is not the question.  Manny can beat Spence if he is prepared and uses his speed.  The question is: Will it be a big-money fight or not? At this point, I think, Manny is trying to save money for his possible “presidential” run.  My prediction if he fights Spence? 50-50 chance of Manny wins.

  23. Pacheco A. Polestico 03:27am, 03/20/2019

    You again, Paul Magno? It’s ok, you are always a Pacman hater since time immemorial. But let’s see. If Spence-Pacquiao happened and Spence would be exposed as what he is, an overhyped unproven pugilist, don’t resort to irrational mumbo jumbo as what are wont to do when it is about Manny.

    You will see bald head. And you will be exposed as not just a bald-headed pseudo sports journalist but as well an empty-headef bigot!

  24. apdjr 03:13am, 03/20/2019

    C’mon, Pacquiao cannot personally commit himself. You very well know that he relies on Haymon for his final recommendations. It’s not Pacquiao who dictates to Haymon, it’s vice versa.