Crazy Boxing Stuff Heard While On Vacation

By Paul Magno on October 25, 2019
Crazy Boxing Stuff Heard While On Vacation
Is this man a lightning rod for allegations of coke-fueled deviant sexual play or what?

When I turned back on the faucet of pugilistic info, I got doused with a whole load of stupid, dumb, crappy, and downright icky…

I guess you can say that I’m on something resembling a vacation—although the weight of the stuff I have to be doing during this “rest” is absolutely killing me. But, maybe that’s a topic for another article…Maybe…because the last time I delved into more personal (mis)adventures, I got six bad guys at my door in my central Mexico mountain bunker telling me that it wouldn’t be a great idea if I finished that multi-part story.

Anyway…long story short…I haven’t been keeping up with the boxing minutiae like I normally do. And, when I turned back on the faucet of pugilistic info, I got doused with a whole load of stupid, dumb, crappy, and downright icky.

Golden Boy founder, president, and expert in self-demolition Oscar De La Hoya was hit with another lawsuit surrounding ugly and deviant alleged behavior. As I predicted in an article on this site just a few weeks back, Golden Boy’s recent string of business wins would eventually be halted by some Oscar nastiness. This time out, gender-bending cheesecake pics or rectally-inserted kitchen utensils were not involved, but the very disturbing allegations were preceded by the not-so-hard-to-believe assertion that Oscar enjoys “transgender porn” and oversized bags of cocaine.

Innocent until proven guilty (or until the accuser is paid off properly), I know…but, geez, is this man a lightning rod for allegations of coke-fueled deviant sexual play or what? In a statement released to media, Golden Boy attorneys claimed that Oscar was “a prime target” for these kinds of lawsuits because he was a “very successful businessman, running one of the country’s leading sports and entertainment companies.” Yeah, but you can say the same of Eddie Hearn and Bob Arum—and, to the best of my knowledge, neither has posed for saucy pics wearing fishnets and a wig or had a spaghetti spoon (allegedly) up his butt on a kinky home video.

Speaking of being violated through the back side, the WBC’s longtime no. 1 heavyweight contender Dillian Whyte will have to wait until February of 2021, at the earliest, to finally get his title shot at champ Deontay Wilder (or whoever has the title then).

The WBC made this known at its annual convention recently, declaring that Wilder will be fighting Luis Ortiz in November and has then been cleared for two bouts with Tyson Fury in 2020 before having to even consider Whyte.

I know Whyte has some doping issues to deal with—and that gives the Mexico City-based sanctioning body an easy back door—but, doping or not, this was always going to go down like this.

And while the WBC was chop-blocking for Deontay Wilder, they also did the same for lightweight titlist Vasiliy Lomachenko, who was declared the organization’s second “franchise champion.” Consequently, he was given absolute freedom, like the first WBC “franchise champion” Canelo Alvarez, to defend his belt against anyone he damn well chooses and completely avoid anyone he damn well chooses to avoid.

The immediate product of this proclamation was that interim WBC lightweight champ Devin Haney got bumped up to full champ status. The secondary impact is that Haney, who seemed on a collision course with Lomachenko, has had the tracks switched on him and now has no way to force this fight into happening.

Like Canelo, Lomachenko is a “made man” in the WBC “family” now and, as they said in the movie Goodfellas, being a “made man” means “nobody can f**k around with you. It also means you could f**k around with anybody, just as long as they aren’t also a member.”

And while we’re on the subject of Goodfellas and things from the 90s that were damn awesome, Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr. are talking about putting together a part three to their ring rivalry.

Hopkins, 54, has been talking it up publicly and claiming that some big-money Russians would be willing to foot the bill for a rubber match in Russia. The 50-year-old Jones, of course, would likely jump at anything resembling real money these days.

The two had a meaningless rematch of their 1993 bout in 2010 with Hopkins edging the do-nothing, slow-motion contest via unanimous decision. If the second rematch happens, expect a “fight” that would make their 2010 snoozer look like Gatti-Ward.

OK…back to my “vacation” now…

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  1. My Name Is Trinity 07:14am, 10/25/2019

    Oscar better stay away from Manhattan comedy clubs.  You go girl.

  2. My Name Is Trinity 06:45am, 10/25/2019

    What are Oscar’s preferred pronouns?

  3. Joe G. 04:42am, 10/25/2019

    Although I despise the sex-trade, pimps, pedos, etc. I always wondered why Magno stopped the ‘Badlands’ series and was drawn in by it to my surprise. WBC = Corrupt. Plain and simple. Haymon is their new, absolutely ZERO pun intended, King. I know Shelly Finkel handles Wilder but that’s all Haymon. In concession Golden “I identify as a” Boy was given free reign with their cash cow Canelo. As a result, Bobby Arum needed to get his and we now have two (can’t believe I’m typing this) Franchise Champions. Floyd, but more importantly, if he happened to be intelligent enough or surrounded by the right people, Tank Davis must be pissed.  Id bet a good chunk of change he’s been told his time is coming. The preferential treatment will come, just keep quiet for now at your young age and look forward to the weight bump and light touches.