Fury Injured Wrestling

By Robert Ecksel on October 23, 2019
Fury Injured Wrestling
Welcome to the wonderful world of pro wrestling. Maybe it's just a baptism of sorts. (WWE)

Fury was reportedly “fuming over the surprise assault” that “left the lineal heavyweight champion clearly hobbled…”

The opening bell has yet to ring for his wrestling debut in Saudi Arabia on October 31. But Tyson Fury has already sustained an ankle injury preparing for his WWE match against 6-foot-8-inch, 385-pound Braun Strowman.

According to the WWE, “In preparation for his in-ring debut at WWE Crown Jewel, Fury has been deep in training at the WWE Performance Center looking to perfect his new craft. In the middle of today’s training session, Braun Strowman dished out a rude lesson of his own. He blindsided ‘The Gypsy King’ with a vicious hit.”

Fury was reportedly “fuming over the surprise assault” that “left the lineal heavyweight champion clearly hobbled.”

Welcome to the wonderful world of professional wrestling.

Maybe consider it a baptism of sorts.

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  1. My Name Is Trinity 08:17am, 10/26/2019

    Vlad… I thought you commies used to love the old Soviet Union. Hell, that rag called the New York Times even celebrated the birthday of Karl Marx. Now that the old commie regime in Russia was shown the door, and Russia is a God fearing Christian nation, people like you hate Russia. hahaha. Sorry, Vlad, I’m just a plain old country boy born and raised in America who wouldn’t know the average Russkie from a Ukrainian. But then again, you clowns claim everyone is a Russkie “agent” from Tulsi to Trump. ROTFLMMFAO. Go ahead Vlad, write Russkie, Russkie, Russkie 500 times on the chalkboard. Spew “Russian agent” 3 times and take a shot of vodka each time. hahaha.

  2. Vladimir 06:40am, 10/26/2019

    Hey Trinity, 

    Say hello to your old friends at the Russian Troll Farm.

  3. My Name Is Trinity 07:32am, 10/24/2019

    “The same people” that hate Fury are the same people who hate Donald Trump for the same reasons. Just a guess. Half the people who hate Trump can’t tell you the difference between a state senator or a senator, hell, most don’t even know who is the governor of their state. They can’t tell you what policies that Trump has implemented that are bad for the country or how many electoral votes are needed to win the Presidential election,  etc.  These people are even more ignorant of whats going on in the world behind the scenes, Lenin called them, “USEFUL IDIOTS.” Yet they are the elite, the smartest and brightest among us. hahahahaha. The WWE is more believable than the fairy tales these people believe or pretend to believe in..

  4. Your Name 05:20pm, 10/23/2019

    Harvey , yes the very same retards. The orange pig has some history in the wrestling business. Very sick stuff

  5. My Name Is Trinity 01:23pm, 10/23/2019

    Lucas McCain… Nah, the video is on YT. Fury was “training” with some small looking jabroni and “Strowman” blindsided him. I thought Fury would be a better actor but he literally sucks more than the motley crew of demshevik candidates, with the lone exception of maybe one Tulsi Gabbard.  Haven’t kept up with rasslin for a long time now but I don’t even think they even bother with the kaybabe bit. EVERYONE out there knows it is scripted except for the Obama and Hillary voters. teehee. Time for the Your Name comment now. 10-9-8-7….. blast off and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!

  6. Lucas McCain 12:48pm, 10/23/2019

    I’m not sure I read the account correctly.  Is Fury training with the guy he is supposed to wrestle in the big show?  Wasn’t there a time when pro wrestlers tried to preserve some semblance of the fictional story-line (kayfabe) by not letting the public see them arriving together on their tours, or practicing moves in the gym together before the “actual” bout?

  7. Thrashem 12:46pm, 10/23/2019

    It ended before it ended. Usually, Fury bouts start and you wish they were over. Or recorded them and play back in fast-forward to make interesting.
    Harv, it is over, relax! Hopefully, the orang-utan is out of office 2020.
    We voted our fucktarded PM back into office in Canada.

  8. Harvey 12:34pm, 10/23/2019

    As everything in WWE this was all a set up to create interest in this ridiculous sport. Who watches this crap? The same people that helped elect the obese narcissistic orange man? Mouth breathing nit wits?

  9. Thrashem 12:18pm, 10/23/2019

    Boo hoooo   hoooo! Idiot!

  10. no longer interested 12:07pm, 10/23/2019

    Idiotic nonsense.