Fury Stops Schwarz in Two

By Caryn A. Tate on June 15, 2019
Fury Stops Schwarz in Two
The propaganda was heavy throughout the entire broadcast. (Mikey Williams/Top Rank)

Unintentionally, the ESPN crew was actually promoting Deontay Wilder more effectively than their own Tyson Fury…

The propaganda was heavy throughout the entire Fury vs. Schwarz broadcast tonight. With the exception of Andre Ward, it seemed it was the commentary team’s sole purpose to make people feel good that they were tuning into a Tyson Fury card rather than discussing what was actually happening. We were reminded at every turn that Fury is the lineal heavyweight champion. Just as often we were shown the replay of Fury being knocked down heavily by Deontay Wilder last December before getting back up. It’s understandable of course to applaud Fury for arising from those knockdowns, but for that to be the main selling point for tonight’s bout was quite sad. Unintentionally, the ESPN crew was actually promoting Deontay Wilder more effectively than their own Tyson Fury.

In the main event, Tyson Fury (28-0-1, 20 KOs) faced Tom Schwarz (24-1, 16 KOs) in a 12-rounder. Despite the fact that Schwarz came into the bout undefeated, it was widely understood that this was a tune-up for Fury.

The mobile Fury boxed rings around Schwarz in the first round, though Schwarz did land a few good shots of his own. It’s just that it was clear Schwarz didn’t have the style, temperament, or skillset to land enough punches to hurt Fury or win enough rounds.

Sure enough, in the second Fury drew blood from Schwarz’s nose with his consistent jab and right hand. Before long, Schwarz was dropped. He arose and continued fighting, but Fury landed a flurry of clean punches until referee Kenny Bayless waved off the bout.

The sooner Fury and the rest of the heavyweights at the top of the division fight each other, the better. The plethora of tune-ups in this sport have got to stop.

In the opening bout on the ESPN+ card, former super middleweight world title challenger Jesse Hart (26-2, 21 KOs) faced Sullivan Barrera (22-3, 14 KOs) in a 10-rounder at light heavyweight. It was Hart’s first foray into the 175-pound division, while Barrera has long been at or near the top of the weight class for years.

It was a rough affair from the beginning, and referee Jay Nady made matters much worse by over-officiating and having a bizarre fixation on everything Barrera did. Referee Nady was constantly shouting, to the point of the fighters and us tuning him out, and inserting himself when it wasn’t necessary. In the second round he was halfway across the ring when the two fighters fought in tight quarters in the far corner. Because Nady was nowhere to be found, the fighters did a bit of wrestling and Barrera ended up turned around when Hart landed a slapping punch to Barrera’s face from behind. Barrera appeared hurt and put a glove up to his eye, so it seemed Hart may have inadvertently thumbed Barrera in the eye. By this time, finally, Nady showed up and broke the fighters up but it was too little too late.

The rounds continued much the same, with a lot of messy action that sometimes favored either fighter. Some of the rounds were close. Regardless of what happened, Nady continued riding Barrera and inserting himself unnecessarily.

In the eighth, Hart landed a punch that cuffed Barrera behind the head. Barrera went down in a forward movement, which is indicative of a behind-the-head shot as explained by veteran referee Jack Reiss. In the replay, it was clear the punch was behind the head and should not have been ruled a knockdown, but that’s just what Nady did. To make things worse, Nevada State Athletic Commission director Bob Bennett reviewed the tape and erroneously agreed with Nady’s call. It was just another example of the poor judgment evident in the officiating all night.

Still, Hart had Barrera hurt a few times in the bout, yet would back off and allow Barrera to recover. Despite moving up in weight, Hart was breathing hard as early as the first round, and seemed to have severe stamina issues. It doesn’t bode well for him at light heavyweight.

Earlier in the evening on the ESPN2 broadcast undercard, US Olympian Mikaela Mayer (11-0, 4 KOs) faced the tough Lizbeth Crespo (13-5, 3 KOs) in a 10-round contest. Crespo started fast and rough, unafraid to let her hands go, and seemed to take Mayer by surprise. Crespo won a couple of rounds on my card, until Mayer made the adjustments and came on strong. She began catching Crespo with solid straight shots, and thanks to her body work in the early rounds, she slowed Crespo down so Mayer’s punches were easier to land. In the end, she won a lopsided and well-deserved—but tough—bout that doubtless helped her improve to the next level of her craft.

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  1. Koolz 09:07am, 06/19/2019

    Holy Shit I hope everyone Watched that because YESSS!!!!!!!!!

  2. Koolz 08:17am, 06/19/2019

    Are you ready to RUMBLE!!!!


    Ioka vs Palicte!

  3. Koolz 09:42am, 06/18/2019

    Joe G
    that KO was Brutal!  Thank God Tabiti was able to recover. 
    He kept leaning in with his head in this fight even when the ref warned about Headbutts.
    Cruiser Weight Division is Packed!

    No Prob Pete!  Great Matches Coming up!

  4. Joe G 07:42am, 06/18/2019

    Koolz that Kudrayasov was def a war. Good call.
    Was it just me or did another TMT fighter in Tabiti get exposed this past weekend?. Dorticos was just banging them straight rights to the body and young Tabiti had no response. Looks great doing “pretty pads” w/Floyd Sr but he showed absolutely nothing and has much to work on. Youth is on his side but learning on the spot at 200+ lb. is not forgiving.

  5. Pete The Sneak 07:58am, 06/17/2019

    Super Koolz comes through again. Thank you brother! Peace.

  6. Koolz 05:07pm, 06/16/2019

    I got that wrong his pro Debut was 2018!  I am in the wrong year still this is the guy to watch!

  7. Koolz 05:06pm, 06/16/2019


    Tichchenko vs Abraham
    This is huge it’s Tichenko’s Pro debut!

  8. Koolz 04:26pm, 06/16/2019

    Evgeny Romanov vs Ariel Esteban


  9. Koolz 04:20pm, 06/16/2019


    Kudrayashov vs Makabu

    Complete war between these two!

  10. Joe G 04:03pm, 06/16/2019

    Caryn - Good article and thanks for writing about the way you saw it bc it was right on. Nady was terrible not more than 5 hours after Robert Byrd’s atrocity in Latvia which deserves a Jack Reiss breakdown. Brings back Zab memories… Hope he’s recovering well. That shot did land behind the head on Barrera but Jay was nowhere to be found and made a bad call. Love my Philly fighters but Jesse leaves a TON to be desired and may be nearing his end as a top tier talent especially at the stacked 175lb div. Jaron Boots Enis is next up from Philly and a joy to watch.
    FURY ROAD = Lineal champ!

  11. Wassup Errrbodday 03:04pm, 06/16/2019

    Tanks for the link, Brother Koolz. Back to Fury. The big guy needs a new theme song. Me suggests the late 90’s song,  “Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba. Perfect song for Fury Road to make his entrance given his comeback from depression and the Wilder bout. Would become a signature song for Tyson like “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” became identified with Larry Holmes.

  12. Koolz 11:46am, 06/16/2019

    Tony D this Fury Wilder cannot beat.
    and I believe Fury is only getting better back to how he was.
    His movement is too fast.  He fights, backwards, forwards, orthodox, southpaw, seriously this insane.  Not to mention his upper body movement is damn fast!

    To much for all the Heavies right now. 

  13. Koolz 10:56am, 06/16/2019


    Insanely Impressive and he is a Heavy Weight!
    FURY ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Tony D 07:31am, 06/16/2019

    Reason Ken Norton Jerry Quarry Sean O’Grady and Bobby Czyz were good commentators is they actually knew how to fight they knew the basics you know something most of these slobs today have no clue about…Fury is very good his length is a big asset although I still think Wilder if he’s right and if he stops being so amateurish at times is still top dog!

  15. Wassup Errrbodday 05:25am, 06/16/2019

    Haven’t watched the fight but I saw the highlight clip and Andre Ward is a terrible commentator/boxing analyst behind the mic. Being a great boxer doesn’t mean you will be great behind the mic. Ken Norton, Jerry Quarry, Sean O’Grady,  and Bobby Czyz were some of the best ever behind the mic, Roy Jones & George Foreman, not so much. Perhaps they have to sell Wilder because Fury already beat the lad once and will probably stop the bum in the rematch. #FURYROAD is the ONLY HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OUT THERE so maybe we should just call him that instead of the “lineal heavyweight champion.”

  16. Wassup Errrbodday 04:57am, 06/16/2019


    Fury is NUMERO UNO. Looks like the big guy even has a tan, man.