Gene Fullmer vs. Dick Tiger

By Boxing News on October 22, 2020
Gene Fullmer vs. Dick Tiger
If you like middleweights, you will like these two all-time greats go at it tooth and nail.

On October 23, 1962, at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, California, Gene Fullmer from West Jordan, Utah, fought Dick Tiger from Amaigbo, Nigeria, in the first of their three fights. Fullmer was 55-4-2 going in, Tiger was 45-14-2, and they were fighting for the vacant WBA middleweight title. If you like middleweights, and who doesn’t like middleweights, you’ll want to see these all-time greats go at it tooth and nail…

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Dick Tiger vs Gene Fullmer I

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  1. Lucas McCain 05:42am, 10/23/2019

    Edward,  Nice memories.  Long ago and far away, but still present in you.

  2. Edward Romero 07:56am, 01/14/2019

    I drove to that fight by myself at fifteen years old from San Jose. My Dad loaned his 1952 Nash Rambler with a 3 on the tree stick shift. Times were different back then. Of course no license. I was rooting for Dick Tiger. Who was at the fight in the ring with a bunch of other fighters was the up and coming fighter Cassius Clay before his fight with the All Time Great Archie Moore. The fight was a good one. At fifteen bought the cheapest ticket I could afford and it was way way up there. But they didn’t have anybody checking the seats so I managed to sneak down for a pretty decent seat.

  3. wrestlingroots 05:11am, 10/28/2012

    An article on CNN recently asked if Azuma Nelson was the best boxer from Africa.  I would think many would suggest it was Dick Tiger