George Foreman vs. Ken Norton

By Boxing News on March 25, 2020
George Foreman vs. Ken Norton
George Foreman was 19-0. Ken Norton was 30-2. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On March 26, 1974 at El Poliedro in Caracas, Venezuela, heavyweight champion George Foreman, from Marshall, Texas, defended his WBC/WBA titles against Ken Norton, from Jacksonville, Illinois. Big George was undefeated at 19-0 coming in. Norton was 30-2. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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George Foreman vs Ken Norton - March 26, 1974

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  1. David 01:05pm, 03/27/2018

    George Foreman was slow, methodical, and had a penetrating defense, but could hit like a jolt of lighting. That’s what kept him in the game.

  2. Lucas McCain 08:40am, 03/25/2017

    Think of the guts it took for Ali to get into the ring with George after this, mocking him in Zaire, when the guy seemed like a monster.

  3. bikermike 07:01am, 03/30/2014

    Not that it would have made much difference…but referee Jimmy Rondeau stepped on his dick on this one…..

    Norton should have been given an eight count after that second time he hit the ropes…on his way down from the blows he took.  That’s a knockdown.

    Would it have made much difference….probably not.  I don’t think many referees would stop a fight this early in a HW Title Fight…in those days.  Norton was going to have pay the price ....instead of referee stops contest.

  4. bikermike 06:41am, 03/30/2014

    A very enjoyable trip down memory lane.

    This one broke my heart…I was always a big fan of Kenny Norton….and to see him brutalized in such a dismissive manner was so shocking…....even I shut up for a minute .

    It was like an execution….Norton was never there at all.

  5. Leigh 12:43pm, 03/26/2014

    I remember watching a clip of George on youtube hitting the heavy bag with hooks ,he was folding that bag in half like it was a feather pillow boy that man could bang.

  6. Norman Chapman 02:41pm, 09/19/2013

    This fight erased any doubts I had about “Big George.” He measured his opponent, showed he was a technician by cutting off the ring, softened him up with short edevastating punches and when he was ready, sprung in for the kill. A brutal but clinical performance by an all-time great.

  7. Jan Swart 09:57pm, 09/15/2013

    George Foreman DOES rank with the all-time best heavyweights. Very few heavyweights were able to withstand his punching power. He had what he called his ‘anywhere punch’; anywhere it landed it broke or damaged something. He was also no slouch as a boxer - witness the three right uppercuts he threw at Norton before the first knockdown - very difficult punches to land and LEADING right hand punches to boot. I have not seen any other heavyweight do that, ever, and I have seen them all.

  8. Eric 12:17pm, 03/27/2013

    After this fight people were already ranking Foreman with some of the all time greats and many thought he was damn near invincible.