Jermain Taylor Arrested—Again

By Robert Ecksel on July 18, 2017
Jermain Taylor Arrested—Again
In the Jermain Taylor matter, the incident, if it occurred as reported, appears spontaneous.

It’s possible that Jermain Taylor had a screw loose all along and provocation was all he needed to go berserk…

Jermain Taylor, the 38-year-old former unified middleweight champion from Maumelle, Arkansas, has been arrested again. While some men his age are still fighting, more or less credibly, Taylor has been making whoopee, reportedly attacking his girlfriend, 28-year-old Ashley White, as she attempted to leave his home, even going so far as to biting her face and left arm and threatening to kill her.

This isn’t the stuff of Marv Albert, the infamous sports announcer who pleaded guilty to assault and battery after his sexual hijinks had gone awry, even though photos of bite marks were entered into evidence. Albert, unlike Taylor, had fastidiously planned his attack, carefully choosing the time and place, as well as the dress and wig he was wearing, before feasting on his paramour’s back.

In the matter of Jermain Taylor, who was arrested Tuesday morning at 3:00 am and released without being formally charged, the incident, if it occurred as reported, appears spontaneous, which makes it less kinky than Marvelous Marv and more of a psychotic episode, which is of concern, given Taylor’s history.

This kind of thing has happened before and will no doubt happen again. However tragic and precipitous his fall from grace, and assuming he’s innocent until proven guilty, Taylor has indicated that he not only a danger to the public, such as his cousin who he shot in 2015, or the guy he beat up in rehab, but to himself, as well.

It’s possible that Taylor had a screw loose all along and provocation was all he needed to go berserk. But it’s also possible that the punches he absorbed in losses to Kelly Pavlik in 2007 and 2008, and Carl Froch and Arthur Abraham in 2009, not to mention the punches he absorbed in those 33 victories and 1 draw, have finally caught up with him.

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  1. Ted Sares 11:28am, 07/20/2017

    This man needs help for God’s sakes. He entertained us for years and paid the price, probably affirmed when he was KOd by Arthur Abraham. Now it’s time to give him as much medical help as possible. Putting him in jail will kill him just as sure as if you shot him. We need to take of our damaged boxers. There are several out there. If the promoters won’t help, at least some of the Clubs like Ring 10 are stepping up. Just a ting bit from Mayweather would go along way. But whatever the case, there has to be a way of intervening and/or interdicting.