Jess Willard vs. Frank Moran

By Boxing News on March 24, 2020
Jess Willard vs. Frank Moran
History has not been kind to the Pottawatomie Giant, but YouTube is considerably kinder.

“It pays me better to knock teeth out than put them in.”—Frank Moran

On March 25, 1916 at New York’s Madison Square Garden, heavyweight champion Jess Willard, the Pottawatomie Giant, defended his title against Frank Moran, aka the Pittsburgh Dentist. Willard had won the title from Jack Johnson in Havana a year earlier and it was Big Jess’s first defense of the crown. Moran was no slouch. His record at the time was 27-11-7, and he had fought Gunboat Smith (twice), Luther McCarty, Jack Johnson, and. Bombardier Wells. Willard was 23-4-1 coming in. History has not been especially kind to the Pottawatomie Giant. YouTube is somewhat kinder. The fight was scheduled for 10 rounds…

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The Greatest Boxing Fights of All Time - Jess Willard vs Frank Moran in 1916

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  1. Norm Marcus 05:56am, 03/25/2019

    If you get a chance, watch the movie “ The Prizefighter and the Lady” Starring Max Baer, Myrna Loy and Jack Dempsey! Terrific movie! To see Max, Primo Carnera, and Jack Dempsey in their prime is terrific. Also Frank Moran and Jess Willard also make an appearance in the film!
    A good clear print of a Hollywood film. No granny blurring dub!
    Find it and watch it! TCM.

  2. David 03:15pm, 03/29/2018

    These old fights are fun to watch. True champions of the sport.

  3. Lucas McCain 08:37am, 03/25/2017

    Good question about Nat’s 25.  You can bet, though, that Muhammad Ali would still not get on the list.  He got to be a grouch in his later years.  Frank Moran fans might be interested in his appearance in the Fred Astaire film, Follow the Fleet.  He plays the big, tough-faced mug among the sailors as Fred leads tries to teach dancing on board ship.

  4. johnny yuma 07:50am, 03/26/2013

    Just wonder,Willard went 20 with Da Gunboat,beat a still very very good Johnson 26 rds,maybe rated too low all-time?  Wish Nat would have made at least top 25.