Jesse Hart—Suffers Tendon Tear, Wearing Sling

By Thad Moore on April 22, 2016
Jesse Hart—Suffers Tendon Tear, Wearing Sling
“He is wearing a sling. They don't want him to bend his knuckles." (GeoIMAGEZ)

Manager Doc Nowicki confirmed the injury as Hart’s operation became necessary after his 10-round unanimous decision win over Dashon Johnson…

After Gilberto Ramirez defeated Arthur Abraham for the WBO super middleweight title, Jesse Hart was happy to offer his observations on the outcome.

“Ramirez put on a great show. He put on a good performance. I want a shot at the title. I’m the mandatory right now, according to Bob (Arum).”

For those of you hoping to see a potential fall championship bout between new champion Ramirez and top contender Hart, you will have to wait. On Wednesday, Hart had surgery in New Jersey to repair a slight tendon tear on his right hand, located on top of the knuckle.

Manager Doc Nowicki confirmed the injury as Hart’s operation became necessary after his 10-round unanimous decision win over Dashon Johnson.

“He did have a procedure on Wednesday. He is wearing a sling because they don’t want him to bend his knuckles. It was torn right down the center of the tendon.” Nowicki continued, “In five weeks, they’ll take the cast off and he’ll get movement back in that hand. He was hitting Johnson with that straight right hand that tore the tendon.”

Hart’s team is eyeing a return to the ring in August at the earliest. The timeframe to get to a shot at the crown varies based on who you talk to. Trainer Danny Davis sees no rush in challenging for a world title.

“I don’t think Jesse is ready for a world championship fight. To be ready for the top five or 10, he can’t be afraid to hold. We can work on that. He needs to work on how to fight backwards. He can go to the body more. It’s all learning. He should get three more fights and by the middle of next year he should be ready to go.”

Nowicki says there are areas for Hart to improve upon, but he is close. “Sometimes his feet aren’t right with his balance. When you’re tall, you don’t need to be ducking down to your opponent. I’d like to see a fight, maybe two before the title shot.”

Nowicki likes Hart’s chances in a potential head to head matchup with Ramirez. “We want Jesse to be world champion. When you fight to be world champion, you will put the whole package together. I like the Ramirez fight because they’re the same size. I think Jesse can beat him.”

Frank Stea of Top Rank feels that after Hart returns from injury, it won’t take long for him to return to his prior form. “We’ll give him one more fight. In 2017, you’ll have a new super middleweight champion in Jesse Hart. He is one of the best super middleweights in the world.”

Stea said that this was just something that needed to be taken care of in order to advance his career in the long-term. “Everyone at Top Rank stands behind Jesse. He’s the future of the company, along with Valdez, Ramirez, and others. He’s going to rehab. If it takes six months to get back to 100%, we’re fine with that.”

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  1. Welbourne Davis 01:25pm, 04/22/2016

    Jesse Hart looks the part but should have a few more fights before facing a world champion.  I wish him a speedy recovery