Max Baer vs. James Braddock

By Boxing News on June 12, 2020
Max Baer vs. James Braddock
Max Baer was 40-7. Braddock was 49-25-7. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds.

On June 13, 1935 at the Madison Square Garden Bowl in Long Island City, Queens, New York, NYSAC/NBA World heavyweight champion Max Baer, originally from Omaha, Nebraska, defended his titles against Jim Braddock, aka the Cinderella Man, from New York, New York. Baer was 40-7 coming in. Braddock was 49-25-7. The fight was scheduled for 15 rounds…

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Max Baer vs James Braddock (All Rounds)

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  1. Lucas McCain 10:48am, 06/21/2018

    Baer was slandered in the film because Ron Howard didn’t think audiences could hold two views in their heads at the same time.  TWO interesting, very different yet equally sympathetic figures meeting for a big fight and not one allegorized as GOOD vs EVIL?  What audience would stand for that?

  2. tony d 01:15pm, 06/12/2017

    baer trained about 5 minutes for this fight and it was why he lost pure and simple!

  3. Norm Marcus 04:26am, 06/13/2014

    The sad thing about the Baer/Braddock fight was the Cinderella Man tag placed on Jimmy by writer Damon Runyon. Braddock was a good guy but his manager Joe Gould was not. He baited and refused to shake hands with Baer. When Mike Cantwell, Baers trainer was fired shortly before the fight, Gould hired him and exploited all secret info on Max to Jimmy.
    Baer was reported to have broken his right hand early in the fight. Which put him a a real disadvantage. Still was broken when he fought Louis months later.
    But those are the breaks of the game.
    The real crime was how the press and decades later Ron Howard smeared Baer as a mean son of a bitch. In truth, Baer was the nicest guy you would ever want to meet. But the media and later Howard needed a villain and Baer was it.
    If Baers mom Dora got wind of Baer activities
    As reported she would have killed him. She herself was 6 ft. tall and Max adored her!

  4. nicolas 09:38pm, 09/12/2013

    The victory that Braddock scored over Baer had a very significant history over boxing in more ways than just an upset. Had Baer won this fight, and the following year as happened Schmeling beat Louis, I think that a Baer-Schmeling fight would have occurred. Baer had defeated the German once, and I think that many would have thought at the time he would do it again. Certainly the fight would have almost rivaled the second Louis-Schmeling fight in importance, especially when Baer considered himself Jewish, though there has been some debate I believe if he really was. Don’t forget, that Schmeling was favored to beat Braddock, if the fight had occurred, and the fear that Schmellling would have not defended the title in the USA, or even at all. So what happened, in a strange twist of fate, a black fighter, this time undeservingly, Joe Louis got a crack at Braddock, instead of at that time the more deserving Schmeling. Louis in an odd twist of fate, might have never gotten the shot at the heavyweight title, if Max Baer had defeated Braddock, and black dominance of the heavyweight division might have happened at a later date. As proof, after Louis and before Ali, only seven black fighters got a shot at the heavyweight title.