Larry Holmes vs. Alfredo Evangelista

By Boxing News on November 9, 2020
Larry Holmes vs. Alfredo Evangelista
Holmes defended his newly won heavyweight title against Evangelista at Caesars Palace.

On November 10, 1978 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, WBC heavyweight champion Larry Holmes, from Easton, Pennsylvania, defended his newly won title for the first time against Alfredo Evangelista, from Montevideo, Uruguay. Holmes won the title five months earlier over Ken Norton by disputed split decision. In this fight Holmes was 20-0, Evangelista was 23-2-1, and Larry was off and running…

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Larry Holmes vs Evangelista

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  1. tlig 11:32pm, 11/11/2016

    I agree with Eric, Holmes fought some awful opponents in his day. I give him credit for consistency and his fighting heart but he made a ton of money on soft opposition.

  2. Eric 05:40pm, 07/24/2013

    Another one of Holmes’s “soft” title challengers. For all the critics of the Klit brothers, take a good look at Holmes’s opponents before and after he won the “paper title” from Norton. Names like Evangelista, Ocasio, Rodriguez, Ledoux, Zanon, Jones, Bey, etc. make up the bulk of Holmes’s list of title challengers.

  3. Robert Ecksel 10:47am, 11/10/2012

    You’re right. I should know better by now to avoid working by candlelight. Would that I could.

  4. Lee 09:30am, 11/10/2012

    I was always under the impression that Holmes won the title from Norton-who had been declared champion by the W.B.C- who had stripped Leon Spinks for going ahead with the Ali rematch instead of a mandatory against Norton who had earned the right by beating Jimmy Young.