More Money, More Problems

By David Matthew on May 1, 2014
More Money, More Problems
Some things are bigger than sports, namely human dignity. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

While Floyd’s training preparation is meticulously consistent – his recent behavior does warrant suspicion into his mental state, and even his spiritual state…

During a tumultuous week in boxing which saw a number of in-house disputes aired out – from Andre Ward’s promotional dispute with Dan Goossen, to Oscar De La Hoya’s rift with Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer, to Kathy Duva of Main Events filing a suit against Al Haymon and Yvon Michel – these were but a primer for the now very public fall-out between Floyd Mayweather (45-0, 26 KO) and his ex-fiancée,  Shantel Jackson. Thursday morning, Mayweather unleashed a salvo against Jackson via social media. First, he released an actual image of Jackson’s sonogram on Facebook and Instagram from December 2013 detailing an abortion procedure she underwent. Captioned under the image was this message from Mayweather:

“The real reason me and Shantel Christine Jackson broke up was because she got a abortion, and I’m totally against killing babies. She killed our twin babies. #ShantelJackson #FloydMayweather #TheMoneyTeam #TMT.”

Floyd would later remove the captioned image, only to post new images of a “before & after” photo collage of Jackson highlighting the changes in her appearance before she met Floyd and after, captioned with: “I’m the Indian Giver. I had to pay for this plastic surgery, I want my money back.” This image was also removed, but not before the digital world could screen-shot and virally disseminate throughout the Internet, creating a frenzy of low-culture gossip and vitriol. This bizarre activity followed an odd quote from Mayweather earlier in the week when he referred to shamed Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling as “a great guy.”

Many will say that this is all orchestrated by Mayweather to promote Saturday’s PPV fight against Marcos Maidana (35-3, 31 KO), which has been largely met with lukewarm enthusiasm from the boxing world because of a perceived mismatch. However, there is likely more to this than simply being another alleged ingenious marketing ploy to crank up PPV numbers. Floyd’s fights do big numbers, regardless of the opponent, and the underbelly of social media that turned this story into a gossiping inferno will likely be watching the event via bootleg stream – negligibly impacting the overall PPV numbers.

Despite the legal implications of wantonly invading Jackson’s privacy by publicizing her privileged medical records, this bizarre activity may signify deeper issues within Floyd Mayweather’s personal sphere; issues that can affect him both in and out of the ring. While Floyd’s training preparation is meticulously consistent – casting little doubt that he is physically prepared to fight – his recent behavior does warrant suspicion into his mental state, and even his spiritual state. While there is no doubt that Mayweather’s career has been managed masterfully from a business standpoint, it can certainly be argued that Mayweather has been deficient in attaining the requisite wisdom that should accompany a man enthroned with his power. As king of the Money Team – Floyd attracts associations with those who crave and are often narrowly focused on money, power, fame, and Instagram likes. Thus, he is surrounded by hundreds of yes-men (and women) who do little to develop Mayweather inter-personally as a human being. Virtually everyone in his inner-circle is around him only because of his magnetic ability to generate record-breaking currency as the world’s highest paid athlete. He considered 50 Cent a “brother” – but in actuality he was just another person masquerading and along for the ride – as long as the money was there. He has had a tumultuous relationship with his father, and the mother of his children, and now Shantel Jackson, who also arguably was around him for one reason only: Money.

At some point along the way, the “Money Mayweather” persona shifted from being merely a promotional tool to sell fights into an integral facet of Floyd’s personality, nearly turning him into a caricature of the persona itself. But where are the trusted counselors within Floyd’s inner-circle who provide an alternative perspective, even if it directly conflicts with Floyd’s behavior? Observing Floyd’s team firsthand and throughout Showtime’s All-Access segments into his personal life, there seemingly exists a considerable amount of disconnect and superficiality. Despite the outwardly pristine, gaudy, and lavish aspects of the Money Team lifestyle appears to exist a deep void; a hole; a disturbance in the force; a soul seeking solace.

Perhaps this will only ignite Floyd within the confines of the squared circle where he does his best work – propelling him to channel the pain and hurt that exists within him to inflict it upon Maidana with the same kind of unrelenting bad intentions as he inflicted upon Shantel Jackson this week when exhibiting the vengeful behavior of a jilted high-school lover. But at 37 years of age and on the brink of accomplishing an unthinkable achievement in modern sports – retiring undefeated – there is no doubt that Floyd’s antics are distractive to a warrior about to enter battle in the theater of the unexpected.

Marcos Maidana may be glaringly outclassed by Floyd’s athletic dynamism and unparalleled mastery of technical boxing science, but any opponent at this level is dangerous, particularly one with the mentality of Maidana. During this week’s highly charged pressers, Maidana basked in the buzz of coliseum culture, drenched in machismo, confidently stating in his native tongue: “I don’t give a f#ck about Floyd Mayweather. I’m going to knock him out.” Such confidence is believable coming from Maidana – who accepted a relatively low purse for the chance to disrespect Mayweather in the manner in which he embarrassed Adrien Broner. He has made his career in outmanning his opponent with grit – and he doesn’t care if you are more skilled, he is coming for war. Floyd is still at the apex of his powers, seemingly impenetrable coming off a staggering one-sided fight where he astoundingly outclassed boxing’s most prized prodigy, Canelo Alvarez. That said, even a three-second lapse of concentration in ring can have devastating consequences, and thus the question must be asked if Mayweather is able to be as focused as he needs to be when his mind is full of sophomoric vengeance just two days before a mega-fight.

While boxing junkies can argue all day about how this may or may not impact the outcome of Saturday’s fight – or whether it’s just distasteful hype to boost PPV buys, the recent Donald Sterling debacle refreshingly reminded us of something we often forget: Some things are bigger than sports, namely human dignity. In Episode 3 of Showtime’s “Mayweather-Maidana All Access” series, a sober and insightful Mayweather reflected on the present cyclone of negativity surrounding him:

“I’ve been meditating like Floyd, You have to stay focused. I’m only human. I wasn’t brought up in a home to where I seen a husband a wife. I didn’t have a stable home, I always had to fend for myself. I never knew about a one-on-one relationship. I’ve done some things that I know I shouldn’t have done, but I know I’m not a bad person and that I can become a better person. I’m ready for change. Only thing I can do is work at it.”

Having already overcome so much in his life to ascend to the top of a brutal and merciless profession with barely a blemish, perhaps it’s time for Floyd to move on to bigger fights in life so that he can become the human being that he and everyone deserves to be: a more whole one. For in just 18 months the bright lights of MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas will no longer illuminate him for the world to see, marveling at the genius classicism that personifies Floyd Mayweather the fighter. Instead, the question will be: can an inner-light within Floyd Mayweather glimmer and grow such that it illuminates Floyd Mayweather the human being.

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  1. NYIrish 03:11pm, 05/04/2014

    Somebody’s inner light is in their arse.

  2. Pete The Sneak 01:25pm, 05/03/2014

    @andrew,...was it the inner light, or the Anchor Archons that affected you so negatively?…Peace.

  3. andrew 12:45pm, 05/03/2014

    This thread is the most boring stream of inane drivel I’ve ever tried to read. I couldn’t maintain enough interest to finish reading the vacuous article any of the moronic posts.

  4. bikermike 08:15am, 05/03/2014

    pbf’s choice of opponents .........and they are HIS choices…not like he faces the number one available contender or anything…...have become boring and predictable.

    I’ll watch it on the re run…

  5. Sevan Bomar 04:07pm, 05/02/2014

    @Bontchimuz hearing you reason lets me see you are in the Know and I have a deep respect for that so there is truly no need for anything negative amongst Us. The key is conversion of these Anchor Archons its still about setting the captives free for guys like me. Big ship small rudder, that how I see Earth, the Small effect the Great. These Sheeple though are still my People. They are me, All is Self etc. #astralquest #worldbuilders #realmdynamics

  6. Bontchimuz 02:56pm, 05/02/2014

    There doesn’t need to be a big buzz at all. The boxing sheeple will buy every single PPV regardless of who fights and/or what their “inner light” consists of (if inner light evens exists). Nothing is stronger than a true fanboi….especially in the ultimate capitalistic society. They buy not based on content but merely because their chosen provides it.

    Also, there is a ton of assumptions going on in todays world.

    There is no way to exist on earth amongst other humans and not leave your children, family, wives, husbands etc with jaded humans from time to time.

    If we want to change the world, it is not done through online chit chat, comments, message boards, forums etc.

    It is done by doing what few have done throughout history…...volunteering their precious time to help others, regardless of the impact said time volunteering has on your own comforts in life.

    Floyd often showcases himself “volunteering” by providing food for homeless of Vegas. That is not volunteering. Thats putting money to good use…sure.

    It’s time for more humans to roll up their sleeves, cancel their internet subscriptions, remove the television from their homes and get out of their comfort zones and truly impact the world through volunteering for everything from unpaid civic duty in their towns to big brother/big sister, united way, red cross etc etc. Considering the USA for example has struggled with extremely high unemployment, I wonder if volunteering has increased?

    It’s simple really…..but we love to make things complex.

    Floyd by TKO in 10


  7. Sevan Bomar 11:32am, 05/02/2014

    “I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t much care about Mayweather’s “inner light,” about his capacity to evolve as a human being.”

    After awhile you may be the only one that doesn’t consider first a persons “inner light” if you are not doing it already, after all that even determines now who you socialize with and who you don’t. Would you lets say leave your child around someone you know is jaded?

    But I guess that is the whole thing isn’t it? Many don’t care about who these people are personally and what their lives are like yet they influence the overall consciousness of many, including you. So is the “I don’t care, we don’t care” approach due to lack of overall feeling anyway? I guess that is a question you will have to ask yourself when you actually care about yourself.

    So its a mirror then, not caring about self leads to watching others that may in fact be acting the same way. Even worst we offer little if any pointers as to how the situation could be improved. We sometimes think our voices and opinions don’t count, but they do. I’m sure Floyd like any other man in the industry will sit in the bathroom and read this thread about himself. We breathe the same air, 2 arms, 2 legs, and a head in most cases. Humans are no different than any other hive. 

    The question is will he see enemies when reading this article thus alienating himself more, or will he see Allies. This is the true evolution of the Mind, Body, and Soul. Respects to the reporter for the insight.

  8. Pete The Sneak 04:34am, 05/02/2014

    OMG…Floyd is fighting this weekend? Gee, whoda thunk it?...There is not really much of a big buzz about this fight and Ol’ money is pulling out all stops to generate some more interest…i.e., Donald Sterling, Ms. Jackson, etc…Anything to keep his name out there and hopefully rope in some more PPV revenue…Classless showing those images? Absolutely. Should Ms. Jackson be surprised? No. You lie down with dogs and you wake up…..awww you all know the saying…. Still, I’ll be watching the fight, albeit the following week on the re-broadcast…Peace.

  9. Clarence George 03:07am, 05/02/2014

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t much care about Mayweather’s “inner light,” about his capacity to evolve as a human being.  Rather, one of the many Horatio Alger fantasies that help get me through life is where I save Shantel (now to be replaced) from a runaway car.  Whisked before Floyd’s august presence (though this could happen any month of the year), my shoulders tapped with the flat of the sword…“Arise, Baron of Locksley, Earl of Sherwood and Nottingham, and Lord of all the lands and manors appertaining thereto.”  Translation:  I get paid 500 grand a year for life for being one of his hangers-on, er, advisers.

    All that said (and it needed to be), I applaud Mayweather’s condemnation of his erstwhile bed warmer aborting his twins, of her buying into the Nazi philosophy of “Lebensunwertes Leben”—life unworthy of life.  Ah, if only I had been on his payroll, I would have quoted to the narcissistic hussy, and with stentorian oratory:  “Will you decide what men shall live, what men shall die?  It may be, that in the sight of Heaven, you are more worthless and less fit to live than millions like this poor man’s child.  Oh God! to hear the Insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust!”

  10. NYIrish 02:50am, 05/02/2014

    More money, more problems, less interest. His sideshow is played out.