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By Robert Ecksel on August 20, 2013
Write/Report for Boxing.com
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  1. Annie Stoudemire 09:19am, 03/05/2019

    Why don’t the Women in boxing rounds go 3 minutes as all other sports that women are in? Boxing is the only sport that the women don’t get the full time as in other sports and it’s not fair for them. They should have 3 minutes in each round as does the men.

  2. Eric estrada 03:06am, 03/11/2018

    I want to contribute an article. How?

  3. Lindy Lindell 08:18am, 10/31/2017

    Robert,  I meant to say earlier today that Erskine Wade, a former fringe contender, is 57.  He is fighting Daryl Cunningham, who has a good record, but I won’t say that he is a good fighter.
    Erskine’s son, Antonio, 4-0, also on the card.
    I booked and accompanied Erskine into a fight in South Africa way back when—when Mandella was still in prison.
    If you would give me the go-ahead, I can get on the stage for the fight and have access to the dressing rooms.  Otherwise, I’ll have to rely on friends to leave tickets, usually a risky business.
    Let me know.  Lindy (586) 619-9091

  4. Your Name 07:15am, 10/17/2017

    I have been a boxing coach for over 25yrs and have owned my own club for over 22yrs. People will always have their opinion on a fight and say oh he won or he won and it always goes on and on. I also have been a judge for over 20 yrs. I never give my opinion on a fight but I watched the GGG, Alvarez fight three times and can’t for the life of me call that fight a draw. GGG outscore Alvarez at least in 8 of 12 rds. But what bothered me more then the outcome was, that a judge with any common sense could give the score she did for Alvarez. She doesn’t have any judging skill at all and should never be allowed to judge a match of any kind again. Our sport has been getting kicked around for yrs but this so called judge just gave us all another BLACK EYE. Thank you all for your time and all won’t agree but that’s what makes the game great.

  5. John A. Marafiote 07:23pm, 09/02/2017

    Well, I just finished watching the Floyd Mayweather Conner McGregor debacle.
    What I witnessed was an insult to pugilism. Shame on Floyd and Shame on Conner. Anyone who knows anything about the sport of boxing knows the fight could have ended in the first round. Shame on everyone who supported this fight. Showtime, the Announcers who attempted to make something out of nothing, the people who paid money to attend the fight or who purchased the fight via pay-per -view, or anyone associated with the fight who made a profit. Shame, shame, shame. Did you really need the money that bad that you were willing to give boxing a black eye. The very sport in which you all have made a GREAT LIVING. Shame, shame , shame. I realize that if some sucker is willing to pay, why not, but somethings are just immoral. In light of the hurricane and the flooding in Texas, Floyd and Conner, man up and donate the proceeds of the fight to the real fighters in Texas. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME.

    John A. Marafiote
    Youngstown, Ohio

  6. "Irish" Tim Mulvaney 10:19am, 08/05/2017

    I just happened upon this article and from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you Pete.  I was a Golden Gloves boxer back in the early 80’s and I trained exclusively at Bufano’s gym for 3 years.
    I have 3 kids now and have endlessly tried to explain to them my Bufano’s “life” but to no avail… you’ve nailed it perfectly and for that again I thank you!!!
    On a side note I have to tell a story about that “Toxic Shower

  7. rahul agarwal 08:36am, 06/11/2016

    Myself Rahul Agarwal.  And I fail in my life because my parents balme about their financial problem and I am here to express my feelings and u know what I want to become a boxer but no opportunity will thier so if u helped me please give me the information about the boxing opportunity please

  8. James Dombrowski 08:30am, 01/25/2016

    Last week at MSG Manny P. gave a great retirement speech and a sound farewell in preview to his final bout in a few months.  As we all know boxers are probably the least reliable athletes to keep there word on retiring.  Lennox Lewis kept his word as is generally respected as a fine gentleman.  Manny made it very clear that he was a bigger mission in life to help the people of the Philippines and we all hope that this fantastic boxer can transfer from boxing to politics which have a lot in common especially when the word ruthless can describe the combatants willingness to win.  Just as boxing is not for the faint of heart neither is politics and in the Philippines which I have never visited I would imagine the stakes are often based on life and death.  I hope Manny can help make the lives of his countrymen better.  Having all the money in the world does not always equate to total happiness while having a purpose in life and a mission bigger than boxing could be the saving grace of this athlete who see life after sports.  All to often professional athletes seem to languish after retirement as they seem to lack any purpose.  Taking up a cause you would hope is a great way to give back.  Of course there is different strokes for different folks and going into television or coaching is a fine way to transcend into retirement in any sport but politics can be another path.  Again this is nothing new as other athletes have done this and it seems that the bottom line is your inner confidence that life does not end when you stop competing.  So good luck to the Filipino Senator who may some day become President of his country.  In America an actor became President so why not Manny.

  9. Rusty Rosenberger 11:21am, 10/26/2015

    My name is Rusty Rosenbrger, the 1979 NJ Middleweight Champion, via 12 round unanimous decision. I’d like to challenge any, & all,willing participants. to a friendly, though very intense, Rusty’s BodyBoxing.com, training session.Punch-contact area’s, would be from the shoulders, to waist line, only, Both wearing 18 oz gloves, a head gear,in case of an accidental head butt, and an approved boxing mouth piece, safety first, always. Even at 60 years old, I would/could, give Mr. Mayweather a training workout like he’s never had. If you want your fighter to learn inside fighting skills, tieing up his opponent, while displaying exceptional foot-work, tightening, & toning, all muscle groups on their body, while improving their cardio strength, & conditioning of their entire physic! Call me: 330-550-5824 L.M.

  10. promise 06:55am, 08/09/2015

    i what to become a new world champion for my country

  11. ATIF 02:28am, 07/13/2015

    i wan to become a boxer

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  13. M2ent1 02:52pm, 05/04/2015


    The greatest story in boxing has yet to be told!

    Amir Mansour a modern day gladiator with a heart of gold. Amir is a true heavy weight boxer with the punching power of Mike Tyson and the quickness of Floyd Mayweather. He is the most feared fighter in the ring and the most loved fighter out of the ring. Amir Mansour examplifies of the American dream; his life story is a mix of a modern day Rocky Balboa and Rubin “Hurricane” Carter. Like most American hero’s he came up from humble begins and fought against all odds, to become what is known now as an Urban Legend!

  14. Mark Jackson 05:04am, 04/09/2015


  15. Joseph Distler 04:23am, 04/09/2015

    In Paris, there is a fabulous bar restaurant run by the sons of Yanek Walczak.  Walczak had three fights with Sugar Ray Robinson. He lost all three but he knocked Sugar Ray down.  That foto dominates a café filled with fabulous memorabilia dedicated to boxing.  Fotos of Jean Paul Belmondo, the famous French actor, when he was a fighter.  Many items regarding Marcel Cerdan whom Walczak also fought and who was a regular, with Edith Piaf , in the café.  Their business card is a foto of the Great Sugar Ray holding a copy of the picture of himself on the canvas.
      This is truly one of the great cafes left in Paris and a must for boxing fans the world over.

  16. Mark Jackson 07:36am, 03/17/2015


  17. GALILEO 10:39pm, 02/16/2015


    IMPACT: Jewish Boxers in America…

    Boston screenings continue at Boston’s Emerson College, February 25th, 2015 in the Little Building Charles W. Beardly room.  Doors open at 6:00PM…All are welcome

    CONTACT: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for more information.

  18. AbdurRashid 04:06am, 01/24/2015

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  19. Carl Casler 09:40pm, 12/11/2014

    I watcher the fights on espn 12/11/14 and it is a crime how some of these fights are bought of it was the first fight of the night a Canadian best the fuck out of a columbian but it went to the score card and the columbian fighter won no one could believe it teddy said it was a crime and it is and that’s a big part of why must folks don’t even watch this shit that’s what it is is shit if you don’t knock a fighter out a little money goes a long way with the fuckers keeping score so who wants to be a fighter or who wants to watch such cheating shit I don’t no . But you all are losing money . Might as well watch wrestling at list they admit its fake you. Dumb fucks the judges should be sued

  20. Cedric Salcedo 09:46am, 11/25/2014

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    If you’re interested, please let me know how I can make the writing process easy for you.  Also, our Kickstarter page:  http://kck.st/1xewsjs  contains more information about the invention, including high-res pics! Should you require it, I’m happy to send more hi-res photos.
    Thanks for taking the time to check us out,

  21. Dan Leonard 05:41pm, 11/17/2014

    Backyard boxing ring for rent by the hour . With floodlights, for use day or night. $10/hr.

  22. Carter G Roane 07:01pm, 05/10/2014

    Here is a recent article that I wrote about the state of boxing

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  24. bruce mctavish 05:07am, 04/04/2014


  25. Katie 02:05am, 03/06/2014

    If anyone is a fan of British Olympic boxer James DeGale, there’s a good post on him here - http://www.bulkpowders.co.uk/blog/ko-win-degale/

  26. Adam Rochon 10:28am, 01/31/2014


    My name is Adam Rochon. I am a broadcast-journalism student/ amateur boxer from Ontario and I just made this feature on the NABA & NABF Cruiserweight champion Denton Daley.


    Feel free to share it on your site, just let me know if you do!

    My best,

    Adam Rochon

  27. redstarimage 03:21pm, 01/12/2014

    Brazilian Cruiserweight Hamilton Ventura improves his record to 13-0-1, 11KOs:

  28. redstarimage 03:18pm, 01/12/2014

    Lateef Kayode, undefeated cruiserweight wins first fight as heavyweight; http://ppolitanoff.blogspot.com/2013/12/lateef-kayode-gary-shaw-productions.html

  29. Boxing News 09:17pm, 01/07/2014

    Checkout this http://boxingnewson.com/write-for-us/

  30. ken crist 01:33pm, 12/16/2013

    looking for someone too this this and contact me, looking for all 44 of pierrre coetzer career fights, and if not most, clear or not so clear, memorbilia etc, also francesco damiani,

  31. peter politanoff 04:00pm, 12/07/2013

    here is the link to the Rustam Nugaev fight last night

  32. Al Sanchez 07:33am, 11/24/2013

    During the Pacquiao-Rios card last night the first fight of the night featured Felix Verdejo, the newest puerto rican prospect. During the transmission the commentators Lampley,Jones and Kellerman were pointing out the absence of a current Puerto Rican champion, and proceeded to mention past champs. I found it to be quite disrespectful that in the conversation Wilfredo Gomez was not mentioned and even more sadly not acknowledged, although he happened to be in the ring with Verdejo. I am a Puerto Rican that has followed boxing all my life, since boxing is in our culture and Gomez has been one of the greatest if not the greatest boxer Puerto. Rico has ever produced. I don’t know the reason why this could’ve happened. But I truly hope that during the next HBO boxing transmission this oversight is mentioned and a apology to Gomez is given. Puerto Rico and our boxers have had a long and good standing relationship with HBO and I don’t think this will be too hard to do.

    Thank you,
    A. Sanchez

  33. william washington 04:47pm, 11/21/2013

    I like too fight I think yoll should train me some body   call me 630-660-3930 I can be the next big thing

  34. Your Name 07:14pm, 11/17/2013

    Father vs. Son, 67y/o vs. 45 y/o
    Training for Masters titles
    Father used to train son, now son trains father.

  35. Shayne hammond 07:58pm, 10/28/2013

    Age is nothing!
    Training for Masters Titles.
    Father vs. Son, 67 y/o vs. 45 y/o
    Thought you might find this interesting.
    Shayne Hammond.

  36. Verona Pesson 07:41am, 10/22/2013

    On November 3, 2013 in Harlem, RAY ROBINSON II, son of the late SUGAR RAY ROBINSON, HERB BOYD, author of POUND FOR POUND. a biography of Sugar Ray Robinson and FRANKLIN KING, Founder and President of NY CITIWORKS SUGAR RAY ROBINSON LEGACY PROJECT (a 501(c)3 not-for-profit), will host a…FUNDRAISER BENEFIT and RECEPTION
    When: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2013
    Time: 4:30 - 7:30 PM - Venue: MAYSLES CINEMA and INSTITUTE
    Location: 343 Lenox Avenue, Harlem, NY 10027 (between 127/128 Streets). The theme is: EVERYDAY CHAMPIONS IN THE RING…OF LIFE-Everyday People Telling Stories that Encourage and Transform Challenge into Championship. The event will benefit NEXTGeneration BLLACS (Building Leadership Legacies and Community Strength), a grassroots Initiative to assist the efforts of youth/young adults toward self-sustainability and financial independence in the absence of “jobs;” and to serve to begin the development of a Treasury-Fund to provide financial assistance to youth/young adults and organizations aligned with that mission. Web site for Event details:  http://sugarrayrobinsoneverydaychampionstories.eventbrite.com or contact Verona Pesson, 917/945-4764, email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  37. Xavier Crawford 09:34pm, 10/19/2013

    I think Floyd Mayweather should fight Pacman next year

  38. Jan toms 07:38am, 10/19/2013

    More of a question really.

    On your article re Boxing by the Book, you have an image of Jack Scroggins that I would like to use as part of an article on 19th century boxer Tom “Isle of Wight” Hall.  I am assuming that it is in the public domain and I have posted it as part of the article on my website.  If you happen to own the copyright then please let me know and I will remove it immediately.
    If you read the article, I hope that you will find it interesting

  39. Victor 09:41pm, 09/28/2013

    Not watching boxing anymore or betting ever again on boxing. Its all bullshit and rigged.
    Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Brian Vera

    Brian vera clearly won the fight.. Boxing is wondering why its going down hill and UfC is taking over..

  40. Lou Duva drugged me 06:02pm, 09/16/2013

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      1976 Monroville, Pa. Diamond belt Middleweight Champion
      1976 Weirton, WVa. Silver belt Middleweight Champion
      1976-6th in USA-AAU National Golden Gloves Tournament
      1977 -Y"town- Ohio Golden Gloves Middleweight Champion
      1978-Turned professional 15-0-10 KOs
      4/ 79- NJ State Middleweight Champion-12 rnds UD
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      rusty Rosenberger .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

  41. ronald shaw 06:27pm, 09/11/2013

    I want to become a boxer my number is 1 309 750 0687

  42. Robert Ecksel 11:31am, 08/20/2013

    Yes. They will appear on the homepage as other articles appear, but in their own section just below the videos.

  43. Cigar-Chewing Hat-Wearing Boxing Writer 11:24am, 08/20/2013

    Will these self-publishing news articles be posted on the home page?